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How To Write Personal Essay For College Admission

Instead of asking for general feedback, ask them to share their thoughts on three specific things: Your language use (word choice) Your essay’s content (theme, story) Your essay’s structure (organization of ideas) Envision Your Future The personal essay portion of your application is a challenge. But it is also a great academic exercise.

  • In short, when you are trying to focus on how to write a good essay for college applications, consider these five steps: Choose a meaningful topic Write an engaging introductory paragraph Cultivate a strong narrative voice Be genuine and authentic Reveal an important insight or lasting takeaway 4 Winning College Essay Examples from Top Schools

  • If you intend to apply to college expect to write an essay called a personal statement along with anywhere between two to 10 potential supplemental essays which could be about a wide variety of topics. Sometimes you will be given a prompt to start the essay, other times you may have free reign to write about whatever you think best represents you.

  • Over half of the colleges said that the essay is of considerable or moderate importance in the admissions decision. Candidates often agonize for hours and hours on writing the personal essay, reading it over and over again, showing it to countless friends, teachers, and relatives, and trying to divine what the admissions officers are looking for from the university.


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